You can help grow your brand by single or double digits by deploying this amazing simple activation method

Here’s an activation you can deploy that has been proven successful in-market, with single and double-digit sales increases for billion-dollar brands. There are even some additional branding tips for you at the end.

Whether you are a product or a service, here’s a proven method to help grow your brand:

First. Identify your brand zealots and define what makes them your brand’s best promoters.

Second. Identify your potential zealots and define what’s keeping them from becoming staunch brand advocates.

Here’s the first step: Identify your raving fans — brand zealots. These are the people who don’t just like you, they…

New video makes data analytics come alive via high production values and low budget tools

B2B enterprise has always felt like a second cousin to popular consumer brands like Pepsi, Apple, Nike and Beyoncé. B2B markets are more niche, their budgets typically smaller and B2B products and services are not always influenced by popular media. This has resulted in B2B brands assuming a second class status that is not always accurate.

In truth, the wall between consumer and B2B has been dissolving for years. Blendtec threw ridiculous objects into their industrial blenders and chopped weird stuff to smithereens on YouTube. Salesforce — as B2B as it gets, had Neil Young playing at company events for…

Solar energy is one of the fastest growing sectors in U.S. economy and is attracting more consumers. Photo: Unsplash @kmagnuson

President Biden plans to invest $400 billion in clean energy and innovation over the next ten years, as one part of his public program. According to the Biden administration, that’s double the cost of the Apollo program which put on the moon.

But solar energy is no longer just for climate change advocates. In places like Texas, both ranchers and homeowners want to reduce energy costs, or even gain independence by getting off the electrical grid. …

Sleek e-mobile road candy from designer Joe Doucet @JDXP is currently unavailable. But what if?

Well, not all cars anyway. Consumers today have over 300 different models of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs to choose from. But there is overwhelming homogeny in car design. Which is why, driving down the Interstate, you can’t tell one car brand from the other.

(“Is that a Kia or a Hyundai? Wait — it’s a Mercedes?!!”)

One of the pleasant side effects of Covid-induced streaming on Netflix these days is to witness the panoply of legacy car design, from Alpha Romeos and Rolls Royces on “The Crown”, to “Ford vs. Ferrari” and their eponymous automobiles. …

Bomani is the current spirit guide for new drop-in audio app Clubhouse already valued at over $100 million

By the end of 2021, the platform that everyone will be raving about won’t be TikTok, it will be a new community app called Clubhouse. Currently invite-only and in Beta, we learned about Clubhouse the same way that we learned about Google: A friend told us about it, then invited us in.

Imagine you’re working, when a text pops up on your phone. “Free to welcome Maria S?” the text reads, “They just signed up to Clubhouse and we’d love for you to walk them in!”

Of course.

This polite bonhomie is typical of Clubhouse, the buzzy new platform created…


Wednesday marked the day-long relaunch of a global Brand called the United States of America. At least three national networks streamed the day-long event of the inauguration of President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, marking the nation’s 46th peaceful transition of power and the end of the uncivil Trump administration.

Presidential Inaugurations are always ritualized events, but yesterday’s ceremony was more intentional, more diverse, and more essentially American than any inauguration in the last 50 years.

The day-long event was both political and cultural. There is a great universe of tropes and memes that American citizens have followed…

The Presidential campaign is over, but the campaign to restore America has just begun. People are the fabric of any democracy and the frayed narrative of our Union must be rewoven to include everyone.

From the perspective of looking at brands as belief systems, there are several things that we need to consider.

Our origin myth needs to emphasize the essential fact that we are a nation of immigrants. Whether our descendants wandered here thousands of years ago or were forced here against their will due to slavery, religious intolerance, economic upheaval or war. We are all immigrants. Therefore, it is humane and necessary to greet newcomers with empathy and compassion, rather than fear and hatred.

We must rewrite our foundational myths to be inclusive. And factual. Even a crew of mythic Western cowboys…

Photo: @wocintechchat

It doesn’t take an election year to focus on the fact that you have to stand for something.

Nothing stiffens the resolve of a Democrat than a Republican telling them they are wrong. And vice versa. The hypothetical line is drawn and you must choose one side or the other.

But trolls and haters show up everywhere and appear in many forms — from the celebrated dust-ups between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds to more conceptual notions like essential versus non-essential, environmentalists versus polluters, woke versus social injustice, agile versus waterfall.

As human beings, we enjoy rivals. The concepts of…

23-year old director Gibson Hazard is ripping the visual world

The video has been up only two days and already there are over 2 million views. It helps that this is the new drop from rapper Lil Uzi Vert. And it also helps that the director on the video is Gibson Hazard.

Hazard, age 23, has become a phenom in the music video industry. The director has shot or edited videos for Drake, Future, The Weeknd, Shawn Mendes, Billie Eilish, Lil Uzi Vert. Hazard is also quickly taking hold in other formats — including advertising commercials for Nike, a Kobe Bryant tribute for TNT, Diddy’s 50th birthday party and more…

Photo: Unsplash

We were asked if we could gather a group of people who use Primal Branding to discuss the impact of social revolutions on Brands. We had a broad discussion that included movements, novel forms of empathy and sense-making. Baloney media metrics. Content as an art form. The drive toward authenticity. Brands as belief systems. And Amapiano. Buckets of thank you’s to Refilwe Maluleke for her incisive interview skills. Another round of applause for Arena and their partners Vodacom, EziAds, Everlytic, Proudly SA, The Media Shop and WAN-IFRA.

Refilwe Maluleke:

Good evening everybody — or good morning, depending on where you…

Patrick Hanlon

Nontraditional, people-first brand evolutionary, author of “Primal Branding,” TEDx, YouTube Creator Academy, PRIMAL.LIVE, founder &Thinktopia®

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