I think this is a great point Marcel! "Waterfall" was looked upon as a negative and "agile" a positive when these descriptors might cite the difference between entrepreneurs running an agile startup and managers maintaining profit and growth at a mature company where the CEO still sits with commoners but is seen less and less. (Apple, Google, Salesforce could be considered mature companies and Instagram, Warby Parker, Pinterest, Dropbox, among others, might be too.) The rule of thumb is that agile is great when run on peer pressure and everyone is working through weekends. But once you start being successful and your internal work force reaches over 120 people--filled with "people with different skillsets"--rules, procedures and hierarchies emerge to help manage the glot (waterfall). Besides, it's one thing to fail fast when it's the Investors' money; it's another thing to fail when failure comes straight off your balance sheet. Forward.


Author of “Primal Branding,” “The Social Code,” writer on Forbes, Inc., Adweek, and elsewhere. Founder primalbranding.co + Thinktopia®

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