Primal Branding® As Structured Process For Content Creation

Patrick Hanlon
5 min readNov 6, 2023
Using Primal Code® as a strategic resource for content production provides an unbounded matrix for content creation and Brand building

Content production becomes a brand-building machine when you overlay the matrix of Primal Branding®. The role of the Chief Content Officer is not only to outline the communications that help build usability and desire, but to help build the larger Brand story of what we want to become.

Robert Rose, chief strategy advisor at CMI, advises content creators to look at how Hollywood develops an episodic TV show season. The showrunner and writing team conceive main storyline, subplots, and how to break it all down into smaller stories or episodes.

A similar approach is to look at how producers develop digital games — intentionally building relatable sequences that gamers can replay and post themselves.

We love this idea.

(For more on that, executive producer Derral Eves explains the content strategy behind promoting his hit streaming series “The Chosen” in his book “The YouTube Formula” (detailed in Chapter 18). His approach resulted in the largest media crowdfund raise in history — over $10 million. And an audience of over 500 million.)

However. No simple rerouting of content will achieve true Brand value without your larger brand story at play. The key is to embed Primal Code® in your Brand narrative — your creation story, creed, icons, rituals, lexicon, nonbelievers and leader.

Remember, you’re not in control of your story, people are. Photo: Sonia Dauer via Unsplash

In other words, where you’re from or how you got here (your creation story), your purpose or intention (creed), rituals (your purpose or beliefs in action), the words that differentiate your group (lexicon), acknowledge the people who don’t “get” you (nonbelievers) and identify your leaders.


Let’s take the first piece of Primal Code, the creation story. Your creation story can be on the back of your package, posted in your descriptor on or on LinkedIn and Wikipedia — or you can turn your backstory into a film, like Facebook did with The Social Network. The Defiant Ones outlined the origin story behind Beats By Dre and USC’s Iovine And Young Academy. Ford v. Ferrari was not sponsored by…



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