Woodstock, Again

Featured on the cover of the Woodstock album cover is Bobbi Kelly of Pine Bush, NY and Nick Ercoline of Middletown, NY. They later married. Copyright © 1969 Magnum Photos, Inc. Photograph by Charles Harbutt.
Vietnam-era cigarette lighter speaks sentiments of those who entered the war zone.
Music group The Band was supposed to be the final act at Woodstock, but was displaced by Jimi Hendrix who opened the last morning of the festival (note people who have left in background) with his rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.”
Over 500,000 people attended the “Woodstock Music & Art Fair” creating roadbloacks for miles, and the largest peaceful assembly known, ending a decade that had experienced antagonism, war, assassinations and despair.

“It was hot and muddy and there were no bathrooms,” she describes the scene. “It was disgusting. I left on the second day.”

There were many roads from Woodstock.

Unidentified woman hitchhikes back to New York City following Woodstock. Who are you, anyway?

[Related music news in 1969: The Beatles released “Abbey Road,” Johnny Cash played at San Quentin, Led Zeppelin launched their first album, Nick Drake released “Five Leaves,” Bob Dylan’s “Nashville Skyline” came out, as did Neil Young’s first solo album, “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere.”]



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Patrick Hanlon

Patrick Hanlon

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